Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Museum Passes

I got my first cultural pass this week to the Phoenix Children's Museum. I am always looking for free places to take my kids so I wasn't about to pass this up. I believe every library in the valley has passes to 12 museums that you can check out. I got to the library an hour before it opened and waited in line. It was a good thing I did because all passes were gone within 30 seconds of the library opening. The librarian told me that I am able to check online to see which passes are available and then I know whether or not it is worth it to go wait in line to get the pass. I will definitely be going to get another pass to somewhere else in a couple of weeks.


Babs said...

What website can we check to see what passes they have?

Lorie said...

That is cool! Thanks for the link! So tell me everything you know? I am guessing there is one pass to each place per library. How long do you have to use the pass?

Thanks again for the info!

The Momma said...

I know that Phx libraries have 5 passes for each library, but each city may be different. I called my library to get all of the information and they were very helpful. The passes are good for 7 days. On the Phx library website I can type in the search area the museum I am wanting to find passes for and it will show up with which library has it. I also know that the botanical gardens are not available until after June 1st. That is the one I was wanting to get for the butterfly garden so I was dissapointed.