Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping Pics

We went camping outside of Payson last weekend with my parents and sister and her family. We were suppose to stay for 3 nights but only stayed for 2 because there was a little mix up with the campsites, but it was still worth it to get out of the heat. The first night there the boys were sleeping in my parents trailer and my Mom woke up at 5 in the morning to Little Man puking (talk about me gettin lucky with that one!) Here is a picture of him sitting outside minutes after puking. He sure doesn't look sick. He puked probably 8 more times that day as well. We had been making him sit outside, but he wanted to take a nap so he went inside my trailer to lay down and as I was walking over to him with a bucket he puked all over my bed as well! So much for my luck. Other than the times he was puking he seemed fine, kind of strange.
Here is my blue eyed baby. I'm beginning to feel pretty optimistic that they are going to stay blue now that she is 6 months old. I'm expecting her to pop out a tooth any day as her gums seem to really be bothering her. (Speaking of teeth, thankfully the tooth fairy did not forget. It was close, though, as the tooth fairy went to sleep and awoke in the middle of the night to complete her duties!!)
While camping the kids spent a lot of time in Uncle's new hammock. The baby loved it. We could put her in there, swing it a few times and she would go to sleep. Almost made me want to get one to go in my living room!
It was my sister's first time going camping with kids. Mimi had so much fun getting dirty and I can tell she is going to enjoy camping.
As for me after camping for a couple of days with 5 young children (one of whom was puking!), I just felt like I needed another vacation that included a hot tub and room service:) We have yet another camping trip in a few more weeks. After that I think I will likely be ready to let the trailer rest for a while.

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