Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Camera Is Back!!

I am sooo happy I'm dancing around the house taking pictures! Unfortunately the kids were all ready asleep when UPS delivered it, so I'm taking pictures of them sleeping. So here is my beautiful little girl with a head full of sweat. I keep a fan on high and the air turned way down to try and keep her from sweating but it doesn't seem to help. I'm hoping after her surgery and her heart is normal that she will not sweat so much. The Doc told us they don't know why heart defects make babies sweat so much, but I hope it goes away after the surgery!
Speaking of sleep, or the lack of, the baby is totally opposite to how she was as a newborn. Back then she would not sleep in the car at all but was sleeping awesome at night. Now she sleeps great in the car, but not so good at night! She has decided that after a couple of hours of sleeping in her crib she wants her human pacifier instead of this plastic synthetic one and will scream like she is being tortured if I even attempt to give her the plastic one. I quit nursing the boys at 6 months so I definitely didn't have this problem with them. It really doesn't bother me too much, though. I think I am so used to not getting any sleep and still somehow function. I don't think this princess is going to want to quit nursing anytime soon either, since she still won't take a bottle. Again, it doesn't really bother me either since it's not like I have much of a life where I need to leave her. I think that hubby is hoping that she won't ever take a bottle since that means that he will never be left with her:)

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Emily said...

Hope NEVER took a bottle. She just flat out refused. I nursed her until she was nine months and then she went straight to a cup! It really wasn't so bad.