Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here are my 2 zucchini plants. They just started flowering today, so hopefully we'll have baby zucchini's soon!

These are the cucumber plants that are trying to take over everything! They have climbed up and over my shade cloth that I put out to to protect them from the sun and have started spreading out as well.We ate this cucumber last night. I couldn't believe the way Big Man went on about how good the cucumber was and he never realized how much he liked cucumbers etc... It was pretty funny coming from a kid who HATES all vegetables. He ate most of it, though, by himself and can't wait for another:)
Here is one of 3 jalepenos that are growing well. I'm thinking I will make salsa this weekend with them. I'm not sure the kids believe me when I tell them we can't pick it and eat it like the cucumber, but hopefully they won't do that because I don't want to listen to the crying if they do!!
Here are my pumpkin and butternut squash plants. I had to keep replanting these because something was eating them. I put chicken wire around them until they were bigger and so far that seems to have worked on keeping the bird/cat away from them. On this part of the border I did a lazy man's garden and just pushed the rocks out of the area that I wanted to plant and dug it up. In the winter when it is cool, if I'm still into gardening as much then I'm going to completely remove all of the rocks so that I can grow even more and it will look so much better.

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