Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Big Man lost his first tooth! Yesterday when he was talking to me I noticed that the teeth on the bottom front did not look right. I looked closer and the tooth wiggled and I immediately thought there was something wrong, like some gum disease or something. Then I was thinking that he was just at the dentist, wouldn't she have noticed if something were wrong. Then it hit me... that he is old enough to start losing his teeth and it must be time! He kept wiggling it and then when hubby left for work this morning he told him that it would be coming out tonight. So when hubby got home Big Man watched Sponge Bob and hubby worked on it with floss and tweezers (what he was doing I have no idea, but it looked like minor surgery!) After an hour hubby tied thread around it and pulled it out. It didn't hurt Big Man one bit so whatever hubby was doing worked. He doesn't want the tooth fairy to come until tomorrow night because he wants to show the tooth to his friends tomorrow, I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget:)

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ChristineG said...

crazy that you have a kid old enough for this!

and I love "hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget"! ;)