Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Funk

The excessive heat we have been having has put me in a permanently terrible mood! I just looked at the 7 day forecast and it has only depressed me more. I sit out at the kids swimming lessons with a spray bottle filled with ice water, and I'm still miserable. Just getting loaded into the car leaves me completely soaked with sweat. A couple rooms in my house are not able to get as cool as I like, so today I ordered some screens for 3 windows and then a type of house window tint to keep out the heat/sun light for my family room. I hope it works, too bad I didn't think about doing it last winter before this heat!
The kids are doing great at swimming. They are sooo dark. I've stopped putting sunscreen on them they are so tan. I think the heat has affected their moods as well because I feel like they are a little more crazier than usual. I have been making them go to bed very early they are so cranky at night. It feels kind of strange to have all of the kids asleep by 7. Normally I would be thrilled to have hours to myself, but I'm just so exhausted I just lay on the couch and do very little.Here is my water wrap. The baby will just sleep away in there on the days we stay after lessons and swim. I feel like an old lady in my big hat, but I don't want the sun on the baby and I don't need any more age spots on my face! I have no idea what that look is on Big Man's face. He was probably being his usual weird self:)
The baby is just as smiley as ever these days. She is rolling both ways all over the room and is trying so hard to pull herself up. It won't be long and I will have to get out the baby gates *sigh* I really hate those things. I'm hoping things are better next week because hubby and I are suppose to be starting the P90X workout on Monday and I am going to need a lot of energy for that. Time to finally attempt to lose the weight 3 kids have put on me:)

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Emily said...

I love the hat and I have heard great things about the power 90 workout.