Thursday, September 3, 2009


We are finally out of there! The baby didn't really wake up until about 10 last night. She was sedated a lot longer than we thought she would need to be. They kept turning it down in order for her to wake up a little because she wasn't breathing enough and even after that it still took hours for her to come around. We had to stand over her and poke her and try to rouse her to breathe, it was very stressful! Then last night she had a fever and her heart rate was high (190's) so they gave her more meds and were watching her closely. I didn't think we were going to be able to leave today, but she was fine this morning and all of her tests results were perfect so we got to go. I don't think the baby could have handled having all of the cords attached to her any longer. All morning she was pulling them off and picking at her IV.

My sister had called me the night before the test to tell me an old friend of hers from school had posted on his facebook that his son was having heart surgery the same day as the baby and to look for him. Since there are only 2 places in AZ that do pediatric heart surgery's I was looking for him and he ended up being in the room next door while we were in pre-op so we got to talk there and we had rooms close to each other in the ICU as well. It was neat to know someone else there as well. His son was doing great when we left so that was good!

Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers and for watching my boys. We really appreciate it. I am so relieved this is over and feel like now I can move on with my life:)


Lorie said...

I am so glad that she is home and that everything went well!!

ChristineG said...

I did a lot of praying for you and your family. I don't know many moms that could handle such a stressful situation as gracefully as you seemed to. You've got lucky kids.
I'm so happy you can move on from this.

Xandi said...

I am also really glad that this is over and you can move past this. I too did some major praying. I'm sure we'll talk soon...:)