Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Double Whammy

Big Man got sick this week. At first I thought he had a cold, then yesterday when getting ready for school he started puking and spent the rest of the day in the bathroom. Now I feel like I have both a cold and the stomach flu. It's not terrible, but just bad enough that I don't want to do anything which isn't good when you have 3 kids at home. Having Big Man home the last 2 days has made me so thankful he is in school. The mess is so much worse when he is here and the boys constantly fight. I also told my husband to never agree if I say I want to homeschool. Just trying to complete the pages that his teacher sent me for make-up work made me want to go put my head through a wall. Trying to get him to complete his homework 3x per week makes me a little batty as well! It really is only the handwriting stuff that he fights and for homework they have to write 1 or 2 letters 36 times each along with a phonics or math page. Anyways...enough of my complaining he is going back tomorrow and I'm so happy. My Dad is going to drive him which makes it an even better day because I don't have to get us all up and ready. I can all tell tomorrow will be a much better day, now if I can just find a way to block all exits from the living room so the baby can't escape while I lay on the couch all day and snooze :)


Just the Four of Us said...

Hope you are feeling better! You need to call me on days like this! K and I can always come and take one or two of the kids, while G is in school, so that you can rest! Or I can even hang out there while you sleep! Seriously!

Lise said...

Ugh - sick is the worst! Hope everyone's feeling better soon!!