Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moving On

So I have totally neglected my blog lately as well as many other things and I'm trying to get back on track. Here are Big Man's second first day of school! I love his new school, he loves his new school so it was definitely a good choice.
You can definitely tell it is the first day with all of the cameras. It is a very small school, I think there are 70 kids total so all of us parents see each other every day. I know that there are a couple of athletes kids that go there, probably no one I would recognize except for a certain famous boxer with a crazy tatoo on his face. Twice last week I walked up to the school in his vicinity. Kind of a strange feeling:)
I may have all ready posted this picture, I really can't remember, but it is just one of many I take of Big Man building things. I think he has some engineering tendencies because he will say I'm going to build this...and he will go build whatever he says quickly with blocks, lego's, or whatever these are called. This is a giraffe.
My baby is doing so good. She is much happier now, although you can't tell in this picture! She is definitely trouble as she has been increasing her crawling speed daily. Her favorite thing to do when she is free to roam is to go down the hall and look at herself in the mirror for a while and talk and smile at herself. When she gets done with that she will crawl in her room and play with her shoes. She is definitely a girl.
She enjoys terrorizing her brothers and destroying anything they are playing with and she loves to play with the dog. It is a good thing the dog is patient. She just lays there and lets babies do what they want.
I don't know why, I just like this picture. It was after a long time of fighting with her to lay still after her surgery while the Dr's were adjusting medications to sedate her. Once they got everything figured out she just looked so peaceful. I would say that she is 99% healed. Her incisions look so tiny and are almost healed. It is amazing to me that they fit a camera, the device that is now in her heart along with the tubes and whatever into the holes. We have to go back in 6 weeks to make sure the device hasn't moved and then every year to check to make sure that as her heart grows the artery still remains blocked.

Now it is time to get back into reality. All I can say is it is a lot of work to get Big Man to school everyday. By the time I get all 4 of us ready, get his lunch ready and get him to school by 8 I am exhausted and feel like half the day should be over! Tomorrow we are going to enjoy the holiday from school and work and go to the Phoenix Children's Museum (thanks to a cultural pass of course!) My hubby has never been there and he is so excited to go with us and play instead of having to go to his boring job:)

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