Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby's Room

I believe I have everything for the room now except for the paint. Although at this point I'm just way too exhausted to think about painting so I'm thinking it doesn't look too bad with blue paint:) I LOVE the curtains I found! The only problem is that I have been unable to find any pink sheets that match the curtains. You can't buy single sheets in this set. So, I have been buying every pink sheet I can find and then taking them back. I still have to try Pottery Barn so I am hoping they have a matching pink.
This is her newborn and 0-3 months winter clothes. I don't think she is going to wear the same thing twice! What makes it even nicer is that I have not bought even one item of clothing for her yet.


Just the Four of Us said...

OMG there are A LOT of clothes for one little girl! How fun!

Love the room! Very cute!

Xandi said...

Very sweet! I LOVE her room! We are all kinda sick over here right now, but when we are better, I wanna show you that stuff :).

Emily said...

Holy clothes, batman! I wish we knew someone here with baby boys to pass stuff along but everyone we know has baby girls!