Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Horrible Week

I think that just about anything that can wrong this week has! On Monday when were coming home our flight was canceled at the last minute which put us having to be at the airport for 10 hours in Omaha before coming home, that was fun. Then we get home and ever since I have had horrible pain in my back. I guess all of the sitting around the airport and on the airplane has injured me somehow! I have a ton of work to do around the house and for my job that I am trying to get caught up on and then yesterday I notice that it looks like Little Man has a rash on his face. Today it is worse so I go to take him to the Dr. and my car won't start. About once a year the security system in my car thinks I am breaking in and won't start for an hour, so thankfully it isn't a major problem, just an inconvenience. So, my Dad has to take us to the Dr. and Little Man is diagnosed with what is probably Roseola. My kids were absolute nightmares today after the Dr as well, I guess they think I need to be punished for leaving them. Big Man would not stop whining and complaining and Little Man decided he wanted to color all over the house with a purple crayon. Then the dog pulls dishes off of the counter onto the floor where they shatter into tiny little pieces that make it almost 20 feet away. Even after sweeping and vacuuming we are still getting little slivers of glass in our feet. And tonight I realize that my Hubby is leaving tomorrow for 5 days. I just did not realize it was Thursday tomorrow. I am just dreaming about the valium I would be taking right now if I weren't pregnant:)
The kids were posing for pictures today while we were waiting for the Dr. As much of a pain as they have been today, they are just so darn cute!

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Just the Four of Us said...

Sheesh! I'll take the valium for you! Hope things calm down! The boys sure are cute, though!