Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello Omaha!!

Well I stocked up on frozen waffles and chicken nuggets for all the boys and flew with my mom to Omaha for a little trip! We will be here for 5 nights, which is longer than I have left either my kids or my hubby before:( We met all of my mom's sisters and a couple of cousins to have fun for a few days and to attend a conference on Celiac Disease (as every one of us has been diagnosed with Celiac or a gluten sensitivity as well as some of our kids, talk about strong genes!) The entire hotel is gluten-free for the convention so it is nice to be able to go somewhere and not have to worry about food. The hubby said that the kids did not even seem to notice that I was gone tonight when he put them to bed. I'm sure they will miss me a little bit, but I hope that they will be good for my hubby and dad who is watching them while hubby works!

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Just the Four of Us said...

Enjoy your trip!! Can't wait to hear more about it!