Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

I took the kids out to Tolmachoff Farms for their pumpkin festival. I couldn't believe how hot it still was outside. My kids refuse to wear anything but jeans and long sleeved shirts now, but I was in capri's and a short sleeve shirt and was miserable!
We went through their corn maze, we never did find our way out the correct way, the kids just burrowed their way out through corn, they still throught it was fun, though.
They had a bunch of animals as well.
Then they just played in their playground.
Does it look like they were a little exhausted by the time we picked out their pumpkins??!! They had a good time, I think it is outrageously expensive for a couple of hours of fun and a couple of pumpkins, but at least it is only once a year!

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