Thursday, October 23, 2008


Now that the weather is so nice, the kids play outside all day long. I let them take out whatever toys they want and the neighbor kids come over and bring their toys as well. A couple of the neighbor girls started playing with dolls a lot and that got Big Man into wanting his own baby. He doesn't call his horsie a baby, but that is what it is!
He wants to take him everywhere, if he is eating he puts horsie in his own chair. If he is coloring he gets horsie his own coloring book and crayons and tells me that he is going to help horsie color the page, and yes he talks to horsie frequently!
He use to want to change horsie's clothes morning and night since he discovered that the baby's clothes fit him perfectly, but I finally told him that horsie can only have one outfit.
Of course it had to be a pink outfit. I am pretty tolerant and use to let him take horsie everywhere. But with horsie dressed in pink, I have had to limit him. Just tonight when we were going into the grocery store I had to tell him that the sign on the door said no horsies. I don't want him to think it is me!

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