Monday, October 13, 2008


Dear Little Man,
I can't believe that you are three all ready. You are no longer a baby and every time I happen to slip and call you a baby you are sure to correct me very strongly with I am not a baby. You are still a big momma's boy, though, and although that can be frustrating at times, I like to be needed as I know someday you will only want to hang out with your dad and do boy things. I love how you wake me up every morning by trying to find my belly to give the baby hugs and kisses and to talk to the baby, you are just so excited to meet your sister and ask about her all the time. Your not always so sweet, though, like when I kiss you and you wipe it off and scream at me no kisses. I try not to take it personally, though. So, now I just go kiss you when you sleep so you don't know! You are also a bully and it cracks me up when you do something wrong and we call you over to have a talk with you and you will put on a big smile and raise your eyebrows as if to say your not going to punish me, I'm too cute. And if we do punish you, watch out, because we will pay for it by listentening to you scream for hours, I know we are so unfair.
I can all ready tell that you are going to be girl crazy at a young age, as you have that look in your eyes whenever you see a pretty little girl and all ready you talk about who you are going to marry. You are a little comedian as well and keep us all entertained with your silliness. When you are being especially silly you have this deep voice that you like to talk in that makes us laugh every time. Our hope for you is that in the next year you will overcome your inability to get your pee to go into the toilet and that you will stop picking your nose. We love you anyways though, and know that you are going to be a great big brother and can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

We let the kids choose where they want to go for their birthday, and he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, so last weekend that is where we went with 4 sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. Needless to say he had a great time.

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Just the Four of Us said...

Haha, P wipes the kisses off too. So I do it again and again! Then he really gets pissed!