Friday, August 21, 2009


I withdrew Big Man from his school this morning and we went bowling instead. When hubby and I were looking at schools for him we knew we wanted very small class sizes, like 10-15 kids max. This year the school we signed him up for had a record number of 21 kids in the class and that was just too many for us. My sister, a former public school teacher, just laughs at me because I think it is too many! I felt horrible going there today to tell his teacher and the Principal. His teacher was tearing up even though I tried to be so nice and reassured her many times that it was nothing to do with her. She told me how very sad she was because he is such a good kid and one of her best students (hopefully she wasn't just saying that since she will never see him again!)
We enrolled him in the school that we have always wanted him to go to but didn't choose it this year because I wanted half day Kindergarten. Since that didn't work out we are going back to our original choice. Luckily that school wasn't starting until Monday so he won't have to go in after it starts. He is pretty excited since there are only 8 kids in the class. Unfortunately his new school is about 3x as expensive as the old one, but we think it is worth it and thankfully we got a lot of it paid for in tax credits. It makes me a little nauseous thinking about the cost of three kids in private school and I've all ready told hubby he may need to get another job to pay for it:)


Xandi said...

Wow, 8 kids! That has got to be an amazing school. Tatum definitely has a big class size, but we've been told it's the best public school here. She LOVES it, so I can't complain (well maybe a little about the size lol).

Just the Four of Us said...

P was a preschool drop out in Prescott. I was NOT feeling the school there, so I totally understand. Glad you found a better place. I plan to come to you for advice next year!