Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Trip Of The Summer

We went on one last camping trip before school starts up to Payson with my Hubby's family. The kids had such a fun time playing with their cousins. The first day they played with the remote control trucks and made ramps for the trucks and their bikes.
He couldn't quite get the momentum to get over it like his brother.
Far away Grandma planned a treasure hunt for the kids and
she got GrandMarc to draw a neat treasure map. Looking at the map for guidance...
The skull and crossbones!
There it is.
Where they ever excited to find the treasure.
It was filled with all sorts of fun things.
They are still playing pirates and the only books they wanted me to read to them today were about pirates.
Also in the treasure box were wooden ships that they (well mostly GrandMarc) put together the next day and painted.
The day after that we spent some time at the lake where the kids froze but had a great time playing in the water.
Then we went back and gave the kids some owl pellets to disect. I wasn't sure if they would really get into them, but they thought it was pretty cool digging out all of the bones and trying ti determine what kind of animal the owl ate!
The bone collection.
We think this was a rat jaw. Chomp chomp!
It was a fun time and I think we are going to make it a yearly event!

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Lise said...

Holy cow - Far Away Grandma sounds awesome!!! What wonderful memories for the kids!