Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye Xandie

It has been weeks it feels like since the party but I'm only now getting around to blogging about it! It was nice to get to see everyone in real life instead of just reading their blogs. I can't say that I'm thrilled about Xandie moving away but at least I'll have a cool place to visit:) Looking at this picture I only thought my baby was pretty big, but if you compare her to Lise's baby they are pretty similar in size and he is only 3 months!! He is such a sweetie too. There we so many kids there and the boys had a lot of fun playing with them. I think Christine's son Mickey stole Taylor's heart right away.
Unfortunately he had to go and whack her when she wanted to play with his ball and then she refused to sit with him for the rest of the evening. It was really hilarious:)
So Xandie & Marissa, maybe Christine, can you guys believe it was over 7 years ago that we would go to the Monastery and talk about getting pregnant and having kids! Time has gone so fast and it is so fun to see your kids as they grow up:) Now enough time on the computer I have to go get everything ready for Big Man since tomorrow is his first day of school! I keep pretending to cry when he tells me how excited he is and I joke around and tell him how sad I am that he is going to be gone at school and he keeps telling me to stop it. Then tonight he was very serious and said Your not really going to cry at school in front of everyone are you, because I would not like that at all. So...I guess I will have to try and keep my emotions in check until I'm in the car!!


Xandi said...

You most definitely have a place to stay when you guys come up. Anytime :)!

Lise said...

Uh, yeah... My kid is enormous. 18 pounds at 3 1/2 months... :o)

ChristineG said...

I cannot believe that was seven years ago. Crazy. Sooo much has changed. I just love that we're all still friends and that our kids get to playdate together!