Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Shopping Trip

After church last night we went out to Arizona Mills Mall to get some girlie clothes because they were having good sales. So we went to the Carter's outlet, the Children's Place outlet and Old Navy. With what we bought her last night (Thanks Mom!) and the bags of clothes my sister has from her little girl we are set! I did buy the boys a couple of shirts so they wouldn't feel left out as well. Carter's has winter clothes on sale for 70% off, how can you beat that. Today we are off to Pottery Barn Kids, they have a lot of bedding on clearance and I want to take a look at the Mallory pattern as I love the way it looks online.

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Emily said...

OMG I was going to offer some of Hope's but it looks like you are covered. Holy Crap! We have to start over completely. I forgot how much we would need. Even Hope's burp cloths and towels were girly so we need EVERYthing new!