Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's A Girl!!!

The midwife is 95% sure that it is a girl:) She would not open her legs very much at all so we did not get a great shot, so we will get confirmation at my next appointment. The small glimpses she did get, though, she is pretty sure it is a girl. Yeah!!! The heartrate was 156 and the baby measured one week ahead at 18 weeks 3 days. She seems to be healthy so that is wonderful. I have only gained 8lbs so far as well. I was kind of shocked because I am feeling pretty large. I gained 55lbs with each of the boys so maybe with this one I won't weigh as much, that would be nice!!!


Babs said...

Congrats, Have fun shopping!

Xandi said...

Yay! Told ya so lol. Call me when you get a chance so we can talk...I'm sure you're already out shopping. Congrats on that.

Tatum was 95% a girl and then two weeks later, she was 100% for sure a girl.

The Gerdes Family said...

Awesome!! I am so happy for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you are prepared for PINK overload! ;)