Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodwill Pile

I cleaned out the kids toyroom and have a large pile for goodwill now. I am hoping this will decrease the amount of clutter that seems to get everywhere in the house. I told the kids that Grandma is going to come and take the pile to her house:) So if they miss something they will blame Grandma for not being able to find it and not me!! Now I just have to find a time to take it when the kids are not around. Next I'm going to work on the boys room. I need to shorten their curtains and get Little Man a twin bed and get him out of the toddler bed/crib. He was not happy when I talked to him about getting a new bed because the baby is going to need his, so I think I need to get him out ASAP so he doesn't get mad at the baby when she comes.

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