Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Training Wheels

Big Man has been asking for a while to take the training wheels off of his bike, but he can barely touch the ground on that bike so I would not take them off. My dad then found this old girly bike that he thought would be perfect for him to learn how to ride! My brother was over and took him up and down the sidewalk twice and then he got it.
I was pretty impressed with how quickly he learned and how fast he was able to go.
Of course he did spend a lot of time like this as well. He only had one bad fall with a scraped elbow, so not bad for the first day! You would never know by watching him that he thinks his bike is too girly either! He was calling all of his friends over when he saw them outside and showing off his new bike. Someday he may be a little embarrassed that he learned to ride on a pink bike, but he isn't right now:)


The Gerdes Family said...

Wow, look at him go! Love the pink bike!

Xandi said...

Can he come over here and teach Tatum? Damn those training wheels...