Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Allergy Testing

More testing at the allergy Doc today. He had a bunch of labs drawn last week and then more follow up testing today. She determined that he probably has an immature immune system. It is possible he has an immune deficiency disorder of some kind, but they will not diagnose that unless his numbers do not go up by the time he is 6. Some of the labs she drew were testing to see if his body created antibodies to some of the vaccines he had gotten and for most of the vaccines not nearly enough antibodies were present. So I guess I poisoned him for nothing. The Dr. said that up to 30% of kids do not show that they are immune to some of the diseases after they have been fully immunized!
The good news is that he does not have to avoid anything other than gluten for now. She does want him to go back to the Gastro Dr., though, to have another endoscopy. One of the pathology tests showed that he was borderline for allergic gastritis and she wants to know if his numbers are better now that he is gluten free, because if they are not then there are other tests they can do. The endoscopy was just horrible so I don't know if we will do that yet!

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The Gerdes Family said...

:( I am praying for G. What a trooper for going through all of that testing though!